We are an independent citizen advocacy group to support Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi.us was founded in June of 2017, by a group of mutual friends to uplift each other,  spread the positive message of Aloha, progressive values, and progressive ideas.

We see Tulsi Gabbard as the leader we need in the 21st century.  A leader who listens and uses independent research to get facts, able to speak inconvenient truth to authority, someone of integrity, who see that by helping the least of us we can uplift the whole.  

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Why do you stand with Tulsi? or How does Tulsi Stand with you?

“Tulsi Gabbard is a true, strong beacon of progressivism.” — Michael S.

“One of few in government who rightly opposes regime-change wars.” — Dave O.

“I believe she is sincere and truthful. She stands as a strong woman, had two tours of duty in Iraq, and is an eloquent speaker.” — Sandra G.

“Single Payer Health Care, Military Vet and Transparency in Gov’t !” –Mike K. Former LEO @ GSA

“She had the courage to defy the DNC and Hillary despite threats to her political career early in the primary in order to endorse Bernie.” – Fabio R.

“Tulsi is the epitome of grace, courage, and intelligence. She’s one of the very few politicians brave enough to have a true anti-war stance.” — Alan W.

“She knows the cost of these infinite and unnecessary corporate/war profiteering abuses of tax funds desperately needed elsewhere, as well as the undeniable cost paid by humans on all sides of these rampant conflicts that only benefit the worst people. ” — Gregory C.

“She’s honest and does what she says she will do. Honest with integrity.” — Catherine M.

“Tulsi stands with me & for All the people.. and the most important thing she stands for Mother Earth who Sustains ALL of Life. With out Mother Earth what good is any of our right.” — Jo B.




Join us: Subscribe, donate and/or volunteer today!

Tulsi Gabbard Official House Photo 2017

Tulsi Gabbard State Rep Hawaii D2


Ms. Gabbard is currently serving Hawai`i’s 2nd Congressional District, serving on the House Armed Services Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee.
She is also a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves.

“Her two deployments to the war-torn and dangerous Middle East revealed both Tulsi’s natural inclination to selfless service and her ability to perform well in situations demanding confidence, courage, and the ability to perform well as a member of a team. The same maturity and character that served Tulsi well in the Middle East makes her exceptionally effective in the political world.”

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