LIVE: Tulsi Gabbard at Ideological & Legislative Responses to Terrorism

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A unique combination of academic and legislative efforts, this press conference will present a coherent response to faith-based violence and terrorism.

In the past, we have seen sweeping generalizations about Muslims, Islamists or Sunni militants and false binaries between Islam and West, Muslims and Christians or Jews, Sunni and Shia, Saudi Arabia and Iran etc that misrepresent the specific issue of extremism and terrorism in certain sections of Wahhabi, Salafi and Deobandi (WSD) communities, driven by the exclusivist ideology of Takfir (Othering and violence). Our event will unpack this complex issue by focusing on the book “Faith Based Violence and Deobandi Militancy in Pakistan,” a primer for governments seeking an integrated and contextual approach to addressing terrorism. It provides an accurate, updated narrative that’s unconstrained by political correctness or by suppression from theocracies and despots.

A distinguished panel of trailblazing academics and legislators, including Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, will lead us towards solutions instead of perpetual conflict.

Panelists include:
Professor Jawad Syed
Professor Edwina Pio
Professor Tahir Kamran
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

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