Bernie supports additional conditions on Saudi Arms Sale (S. J. RES. 42)

Sen. Bernie Sanders supports SJRes 42 against Saudi arms deal, calls for a hard look at US-Saudi relationship given Saudi export of extremist ideology.


Franken, Murphy, Paul, Durbin Announce Legislation to Set New Conditions for U.S. Military Support to Saudi Arabia

Bipartisan Legislation Will Suspend Munitions Transfers To Saudi Arabia Until the Government of Saudi Arabia Demonstrates a Commitment To Fighting Terror & Protecting Civilians In Yemen

Under current law outlined in the Arms Export Control Act, the sale or transfer of arms to foreign governments by the United States must be proposed by the U.S. State Department and then approved by Congress. If Congress approves the sale, the administration is then permitted to finalize and implement the transfer. The Murphy-Paul legislation will add a step to the approval process by requiring the president to attest that Saudi Arabia is concretely demonstrating its anti-terror efforts and protection of civilians before Congress can consider the sale. The president’s certification will assess whether Saudi Arabia has used U.S.-origin munitions in attacks against civilians in Yemen, how that affects U.S. credibility in the region, and how defense sales to Saudi Arabia contribute to U.S. national security objectives.

Under this joint resolution, the President’s certification must attest the following conditions are met:

1. The Government of Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners are taking all feasible precautions to reduce the risk of harm to civilians and civilian infrastructure to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law, in the course of military action undertaken in legitimate self-defense.

2. The Government of Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners are making demonstrable efforts to facilitate distribution of both humanitarian assistance and commercial goods, including commercial fuel and commodities not prohibited by U.N. Security Council Resolution 2216 (2015).

3. The Government of Saudi Arabia is taking effective measures to target designated foreign terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and affiliates of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as part of its military operations in Yemen.


Call your Senator today and ask them to support S. J. RES. 42

The easiest thing is to call their offices directly. But if for some reason you are unable to do that, you also have the option of dialing 202-224-3121. This number will direct you to the Capitol switchboard. When you call, ask to be connected to your senator.


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